This document addresses some of the most anticipated questions given the announcement of the Cedar Mill Pioneer Trek in 2023.  Please check back often as new questions are asked and answered! 

When is Trek?

Tuesday, July 10 - 13.

When do I need to arrive on Monday July 10th for Trek?

Mas and Pas should arrive at 7:00am.  General participant check-in is at 7:30am. Meet at the Cedar Mill Stake Center, located at 955 NW 173rd Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006.  PLEASE REVIEW THE PACKING LIST as there are critical items you'll need to bring that morning!

What kind of bucket should I use?

Sturdy 5 gallon buckets make a great package for containing the bulk of your gear. You can get them for only a few dollars from most home improvement stores, Harbor Freight, even automotive part stores have them. There are lots of lid choices - you can go for a cheap and simple lid (Home Depot for $2), or a more fancy lid (with a fancier price!) that you screw on-and-off. Remember these buckets will serve as both your luggage and your chair during devotionals/meals/rest breaks, so we're giving you the flexibility to customize your bucket to meet your desires. We HIGHLY encourage you to paint it, draw on it with sharpie, decorate it with colored duct tape, etc. to make it easily recognizable as your own personal bucket!

What do I need to bring with me?

The official packing list is located on the Packing List page here.  Take a look at the other pages on the "Getting Prepared" sub-menu, as they all contain lots of good information.

When should I drop off my gear?

Gear drop-off will be held July 8, with times staggered through the morning by ward:

8:00am Ma/Pa, Company Captain, Grandparent, Aunt, and Uncle leaders
9:00am Bronson Creek
9:30am Cedar Hills, Participants from other stakes
10:00am Forest Park
10:30am Holcomb Creek
11:00am Kaiser Woods
11:30am Somerset

The gear drop-off will involve the following item checks:

  1. All items on the packing list must fit into your bucket or bedding bag.
  2. Nothing on the packing list is missing.  (Commonly forgotten items include utensils and a mess kit or pie plate.)
  3. The bucket must have your name clearly marked on it.
  4. Your bedding bag must have your name clearly marked on it.
  5. Medical staff will be on hand to discuss medication considerations or other concerns.

If anything not marked 'optional' is missing, you WILL be asked to collect it immediately and bring it back to complete the process.

One your gear check is complete, you are done!  Your bucket and bedding bag will be loaded onto trailers by our staff and you'll next have access to it on Monday at the trailhead.  Don't forget you'll need to bring a few crucial items with you on the day of Trek!

What if I can't make it to the gear drop-off on July 8?

We really need to load the trailers that day, so send your gear to the gear check with a friend.  Please plan accordingly and MAKE SURE YOUR GEAR IS COMPLETE before sending it with them, or else they'll need to go shopping for you.

When will we arrive back at the Stake Center on July 13?

We expect to be back at the Cedar Mill Stake Center on Thursday July 13 at approximately 6pm. 

How old do I have to be to attend Trek?

Youth turning age 14 or older by December 31, 2023 are invited to attend. This includes youth who will graduate high school in spring 2023 and are 19 at the time of Trek. 

I went on Trek in 2019, am I expected to go again?

This is a personal decision, but we would love to have you participate!  If you would prefer to participate in other ways, there are many types of volunteer roles you can help with that may not require a full week commitment.

When will the next Trek opportunity be in our Stake?

The current plan for the Cedar Mill Stake is to give every youth the opportunity to participate in a Trek experience once while in the young men / young women programs.  While no guarantees can be made, this typically means a Trek experience every 4-5 years.   

Where will Trek be held?

The 2023 Cedar Mill Youth Trek will be held on the historic Barlow Road, on the east slopes of Mt. Hood.  The Barlow Road is a segment of the actual Oregon trail and shares many qualities with the original trail walked by the early church pioneers. You can see where the trailhead is, the two campsites, and a few checkpoints along our route by clicking here.

Do I have to be a member of the Cedar Mill Stake to participate?

You need not be a member of the church to attend! First preference will be given to Cedar Mill Stake youth and their non-member friends who live in Stake boundaries.  As room permits, individuals outside Stake boundaries may be allowed to participate.  More details will be provided at the kick-off fireside in January.

Is there a cost for Trek?

A voluntary donation of $75 per participant is appreciated but not mandatory. The lack of funds will not prohibit any youth from participating.  We encourage each youth to earn their own funds for this donation, as an investment in making their Trek experience more personal. 

How can my child earn funds for camp?

We encourage youth and ward members to work together in this endeavor. Besides fundraisers, perhaps ward members can provide opportunities for youth to babysit, pull weeds, mow lawns, wash windows, walk dogs, etc.

Will we see a change to other summer camps?

Young Women’s Camp and Camp Israel are not being canceled, our stake will participate in those events as normally scheduled.

Will there be any conditions that need to be met to go on the trek?

All youth will be required to turn in completed registration forms that include medical information pertinent to this event.  Trek is a unique, physically demanding experience and those who participate must be able to walk significant distances.  In addition, it is highly recommended that all participants prepare themselves spiritually to get the most from the experience. More information is available on this website and will be communicated in January 2023.

Will we be required to wear Pioneer Clothing?

Dressing as pioneers has a tremendous impact on the spirit of a handcart trek.  All who participate are strongly encouraged to dress the part to help develop a love and appreciation for pioneer heritage.  That said, pioneer clothing will only be expected for the first two days of our trek experience this year, and contemporary hiking clothing is fine for days 3 & 4. You're welcome to wear pioneer clothing all week if you wish.  Please review the Packing List for more details.

How can I learn more?

Much more information will be shared in January 2023.  We also invite you to read through the "Getting Prepared" and "History" sections of this website for many suggestions and learning opportunities.

What if I have a specific question that I really need an answer to?

Feel free to contact Jeffrey Jensen, Tricia Jensen, Michael Neff, or JaNea Neff,  Trek Committee Leaders, at cedarmilltrek@gmail.com.  We may not have all the answers right away, but your questions will help us adjust our preparations to meet your needs.