Handcart Pioneer Histories

Summary of the Willie & Martin Handcart Companies: 

(These resources are highly recommended reading as they provide an overview of the Willie & Martin Companies, and the personal stories that make their experiences so compelling)


Individual Pioneer Accounts:

Allred, Reddick Newton Bailey, Jane & Langley Bradshaw, Elizabeth Simpson Haigh
Cunningham, George Dobson, Thomas Green, Elizabeth
Hanks, Ephraim Hinckley, Arza Erastus Jackson, Elizabeth Horrocks
Jacques, John Kirkwood, James Lloyd, Susannah Stone
Loader, Amy & Patience McBride, Jeanetta Ann Mortensen Family
Neibaur, Ellen Brakell Nielson, Elsie Rasmussen Rowley, Ann Jewell
Staker, Eliza Cusworth Burton Strong, Alice Fish Walsh Webster, Ann Elizabeth Parsons
Webster, Francis Woodmansee, Emily Hill Young, Joseph Angell
Cluff, Harvey H Elder, Joseph B Franks, Sarah
Jones, Daniel W Kimball, David P Martin, Edward
Mortensen, Bodil Willie, James G Allen, Marshall Franklin
James Willard Bay Sr Elizabeth White Mary Ann Syer Smith White Hill


Sweetwater Rescue (1 ) Sweetwater Rescue (2) Sweetwater Rescue (3)
Sweetwater Rescue (4) Sweetwater Rescue (5) Sweetwater Rescue (6)


Tell My Story, Too (biographies by Jolene Allphin):  

(This information from her book is shared with her permission for use in preparing for trek.  If any information is quoted or printed from her work, please properly reference her book)

Tell My Story Too – Martin Company

Tell My Story Too – Willie Company

Tell My Story Too - Hodgett Company

Tell My Story Too - Hunt Company

Tell My Story Too - Rescuers

Other resources:

The Price We Paid,” Andrew D. Olson

The Second Rescue

Pioneer Story

Historic Sites