Packing List

This is the official packing list for ALL trek participants who will be walking the trail - Youth, Ma, Pa, Company Captains, Medical crew, etc. 


We are wearing Pioneer clothing for Days 1 & 2 but you may wear contemporary hiking clothing for Days 3 & 4 if you wish. See full clothing details in the packing list below.

Remember to label everything with your first and last name!


Items to bring on Monday, July 10 at departure:
  • Wear one full set of pioneer clothing
  • Wear your trekking shoes
  • Bring a sack lunch (all items must be disposable, packed in brown paper bag)
  • Bring a sturdy, reusable water bottle with a ring or handle (WITH YOUR NAME ON IT)
  • Bring any medications needed during the bus ride to/from Mt. Hood. 
  • NOTE: Medications needed once we arrive on site should be put in your bucket and left at the gear check-in. After gear check-in you will not have access to your bucket until we arrive at the trailhead.

Items to bring on  Saturday, July 8 at gear check-in:
Each trekker is allowed exactly 2 (and ONLY 2) items to contain ALL of their gear. Everything except your sleeping bag, jacket and pillow/pad must be in a 5 gallon bucket with a firmly attached lid .  The stake will provide heavy duty trash compactor bags for your sleeping bag, jacket and pad/pillow (no need for you to buy a box and use only one).
The bucket, your sleeping bag and pad/pillow must be brought to the stake center at gear check-in. When you arrive, our trek staff will give you a compactor bag and help you put your sleeping gear into it for transport. Then one of our adult staff will check your bucket for completeness. Once both items are checked off they'll be stored at the stake center for transport to the mountain.  You won't have access to your bucket again until we reach the trailhead. Your sleeping gear bag will not be available until we reach camp 1 on Monday night.
  • 1 five-gallon bucket with lid, sturdy enough to sit on - it will be your chair while in camp. (See more bucket & lid info on the FAQ page.) The bucket must contain all of the following items:
  • 1 pair of work type gloves
  • 1 thin rain poncho/jacket
  • 5 pairs of hiking socks
  • 3 pair underwear
  • Warm sleepwear (worn only in tents)
  • Mess kit – pie plate, cup, fork and spoon
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • 1 package pre-moistened body wipes
  • 1 small hand towel
  • Deodorant (!!)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Band-aids and moleskin or duct tape
  • Old Book of Mormon
  • Small container of Vaseline, BodyGlide or other anti-chafing product
  • 1 container sunscreen, high SPF
  • 1 container tick & insect repellent
  • Small bottle hand sanitizer
  • Empty garbage bag for wet/dirty clothes/shoes
  • Prescription medications (inhalers, epi-pen, etc.) 
  • Prescription eyeglasses (contact lens wearers should bring spare eye glasses.)
  • A pen or pencil for writing
  • Change of clothing
    • ​Pioneer dress for days 1 & 2, modern clothing for days 3 & 4. You're welcome to wear pioneer clothes all week if you'd like.
  • Optional: chapstick, sunglasses, comb/brush, pocket knife, harmonica or other small instrument

Days 1-2 Clothing:

  • MEN: (see notes on Pioneer Clothing page)
    • long chino-type pants (no jeans/denim, camouflage or sport types)
    • long sleeved, button down, cotton shirts
    • undershirt (to prevent chafing)
    • western style hat with a brim (be sure it has a chin strap; no baseball caps)
    • optional: suspenders, belt or vest
  • WOMEN: (see notes on Pioneer Clothing page)
    • bottom-of-calf length skirt/dress
    • button down shirts (if bringing skirts) 
    • bonnet with ties or sun hat (no baseball caps)
    • apron with good pockets
    • cami - to prevent chafing
    • bloomers (or similar - see notes on Pioneer Clothing page)
    • feminine hygiene supplies as applicable

Days 3-4: (Women & Men)

  • full-length hiking pants (denim ok, no shorts - long pants are needed to protect your legs from scratches, stickers, etc.)
  • t-shirts are ok
  • no tank tops, midriff, or inappropriate logos
  • hat for sun protection (baseball caps ok)


These items will be packed into a heavy duty trash compactor bag provided by the stake at gear check-in.  Once packed, you will write your name and ward in large sharpie on a strip of duct tape stuck to the outside:

  • Sleeping bag
  • 1 light coat, jacket or warm hoodie (it can get chilly at night - check the weather forecast)
  • Optional (but must fit inside the trash compactor bag at check-in):
    • Pillow
    • Old blanket and/or sleeping pad
Are you a Ma or Pa? 
In addition to your personal gear on this page, please also bring your family gear using this list.



Anything not on this list— Electronics, curling irons, blow dryers, make-up, baseball caps, matches/lighters. New shoes. There is NO cell signal on the trail (we've checked!) so don't bother trying to sneak a phone into your bucket... If you do bring electronics with you we'll collect them and keep them safe in a support vehicle until the end of trek.